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  • Faster analytics, improved search, and greater scalability for the most demanding data pipelines


    Enable the business to get answers more quickly. Improve data scientist and business analyst productivity and optimize resource utilization to accelerate analytics—with the following enhancements:

    • Machine learning facilitates assignments of specific jobs to the optimal hardware resources, such as using GPUs for deep learning, which is projected to increase speed as much as 10x
    • Apache Hive 2.0 vectorization brings up to 80% performance improvements to analytics workloads
    • Standardized APIs and debugging improve developer productivity 
    • Apache HBase 2.0 brings performance and stability enhancements and makes real-time operational analytics more powerful and reliable by isolating multi-tenant applications
    • Apache Oozie 5.0 provides the capability to schedule recurring jobs, which simplifies the process of operationalizing analytics applications
    • Improved development efficiency and find your data 10x quicker via simplified and optimized SQL experience.

    Building unified, multi-disciplinary analytics applications is easier than ever by bringing the most capable and stable versions of open-source tools with our integrated distribution:

    • Apache Solr 7.0 enhances integrated search capabilities with nested data types and JSON facet support, providing another way for enterprises to discover and understand all of their untapped unstructured data
    • Apache Kafka 1.0 and Apache Spark 2.2 become fully native components of the platform, which makes streaming data pipelines easier to manage and more robust
    Enterprise quality

    Rather than wrangling purely open source projects, Cloudera’s enterprise customers trust the quality control and safety that only a complete platform can offer. Our extensive testing of components both alone and as part of the stack ensure:

    • Mission-critical analytics use cases succeed thanks to the proven quality and functionality of an integrated and vetted software stack
    • Customers can easily and confidently manage extreme scale clusters, handling up to 2,500 nodes in a single Cloudera Manager 6.0 interface
    • Enable security by default with automated wire encryption
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    Experience your data. Your way.

    Tackling complex data-driven problems requires analytics working in concert, not in silos. Cloudera Shared Data  Experience, or SDX, combines enterprise-grade centralized security, governance, and management capabilities with a shared data catalog, eliminating costly data silos, lock in to proprietary formats, and resource contention for analytics users. Now data scientists, data engineers. and others can enjoy the collaborative advantages of SDX on premises, as a self-managed framework for any cloud-based application, and as a managed service within Cloudera Altus.

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    Major Version Upgrades in Cloudera Enterprise 6.0





    Analytics and Machine Learning Workloads


    Core Platform

    Cloudera Manager 6.0

    Cloudera Altus Director 6.0

    Cloudera Navigator 6.0

    Apache Sentry 2.0

    Apache Solr 7.0

    Apache Spark 2.2

    Hue 4.2

    Apache Kafka 1.0


    Apache Hadoop 3.0

    Apache Hive 2.1

    Apache HBase 2.0

    Apache Oozie 5.0

    Apache Avro 1.8

    Apache Parquet 1.9



    Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 Update: GA and Beyond

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