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Get Started on your local machine using a QuickStart VM or Docker Image.

Cloudera Manager

A unified interface to manage your enterprise data hub. Express and Enterprise editions available.

Cloudera Director

Self-service, reliable experience for CDH and Cloudera Enterprise in the cloud

Featured Downloads

Cloudera Data Science Workbench

Cloudera Data Science Workbench enables fast, easy, and secure self-service data science for the enterprise.

Apache Kudu

Kudu is storage for fast analytics on fast data—providing a combination of fast inserts and updates alongside efficient columnar scans for real-time analytic workloads.

Apache Spark 2

Apache Spark 2 is a new major release of the Apache Spark project, with notable improvements in its API, performance and stream processing capabilities.

RecordService (Beta)

RecordService is the new, high-performance security layer that centrally enforces access control policies across Hadoop.

Cloudera Enterprise Extensions

Encryption-at-Rest Security

Additional software for encryption and key management, available to Cloudera Enterprise customers.

  • Navigator Key Trustee Server
  • Enterprise-grade key management, storing keys for HDFS encryption and Navigator Encrypt. Required prerequisite for all 3 of the related downloads below.

  • Navigator Encrypt
  • High-performance encryption for metadata, temp files, ingest paths and log files within Hadoop. Complements HDFS encryption for comprehensive protection of the cluster.

  • Navigator Key Trustee KMS
  • Connects HDFS Encryption to Navigator Key Trustee Server for production-ready key storage.

  • Navigator Key HSM
  • Integrates Navigator Key Trustee to existing Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), providing an (optional) additional layer of security.

Database Drivers

The Cloudera ODBC and JDBC Drivers for Hive and Impala enable your enterprise users to access Hadoop data through Business Intelligence (BI) applications with ODBC/JDBC support.

Data Transfer Connectors

Sqoop Connectors are used to transfer data between Apache Hadoop systems and external databases or Enterprise Data Warehouses. These connectors allow Hadoop and platforms like CDH to complement existing architecture with seamless data transfer.

Cloudera's Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH)

CDH is Cloudera's open source software distribution and consists of Apache Hadoop and additional key open source projects to ensure you get the most out of Hadoop and your data.

Partner Downloads


Modern open source analytics platform powered by Python.

Cask Data Application Platform

CDAP is an open source application platform enabling development and deployment of applications on CDH.

StreamSets Data Collector

Open source, GUI-driven ingest technology for developing and operating big data pipelines.

Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL)

The fastest and most used math library for Intel and compatible processors.

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